Kent pharmacist brothers urge diners to 'grab Covid jab' with their kebabs after dad's Covid fight

Rav Chopra help set up the pop-up centre with his brother in Gravesend. Credit: ITV News

Diners at a restaurant in Kent are being offered the chance to 'grab a jab' with their kebab this weekend.

Brothers Rav and Raj Chopra, who own V's Punjabi Grill in Gravesend, have set up a pop-up Covid vaccination site at the restaurant to help improve uptake.

The pharmacists made the decision after their father was hospitalised with Covid last year.

Raj Chopra, community pharmacist, said: "My father was one of the fortunate ones as he came out the other side and he put the idea forward.

"We gave up our day-to-day jobs temporarily to run a Covid vaccination site from our place.

"Our reasoning behind it is to say that, come in have a kebab and come and grab a free jab after.

"We want to protect our local community, so we do urge everyone to come down and get their vaccinations done, whether it be here or at other vaccination sites in the area, please get yourself protected as soon as possible."

The brothers set up the vaccine pop-up centre at their family-run restaurant in Gravesend. Credit: ITV News

The brothers converted a marquee at the restaurant, which is normally used for social events, into a pop-up vaccine centre.

Rav Chopra, community pharmacist, said: "We've seen quite a few patients, we'll jab them, go round into the bar and they're having a pint or something to eat, so it's a win win situation all round."

Healthcare experts are on hand at the restaurant to offer medical advice, discussing the benefits of getting vaccinated in the hope of reaching groups who might not otherwise have come forward.

Walk-in appointments are available at the pop-up site. Credit: ITV News

Raj Chopra, said: "Pharmacists have worked hard throughout this whole pandemic, all our peers, all our professionals opened up their shops on a daily basis with empty medical centres and empty town centres, we were right through it from day one, so I do want to shout out to all the pharmacists to say thank you very much for the job they've done and to the support staff as well."

Nearly 19 million vaccine doses have so far been delivered in the South East, including 1st, 2nd, 3rd doses and boosters.