Isle of Sheppey pensioner Arthur Chew dies a year after being attacked in home by masked intruders

Isle of Sheppey pensioner Arthur Chew died at age 76 on Saturday, January 22.

A Kent pensioner has died, fifteen months after he was brutally attacked in his own home by masked intruders.

Arthur Chew was sleeping in his front room at his home on the Isle of Sheppey in October 2020, when three balaclava-masked raiders climbed through his window and punched him repeatedly, demanding cash.

The attack left Arthur, who suffered with lung problems, badly bruised and needing oxygen round the clock.

The father-of-two died on Saturday, January 22, aged 76.

It's not known whether the assault contributed to his death, but the pensioner had publicly blamed the attack for a sharp decline in his health.

In May 2021, Andrew McNair, 28, of Warden Bay Road, was jailed for five years and four months.

Speaking to ITV Meridian in June 2021, Arthur said: "I would have liked to have seen him get life.

Andrew McNair was jailed for five years and four months for the attack but refused to identify his accomplices Credit: Kent Police

"I want to make sure he does the five years, but I don't suppose for a minute he will.

"If he's let out after two years, the he can just go and do it again.

Arthur said he blamed his attackers for a sharp decline in his health.

He added, "I feel like I'm doing a life sentence stuck inside.

"Usually I would have the back door and windows open to get some air through the house, but I'm frightened to do that incase someone comes around and does it again."

Following the brutal assault, neighbours and friends rallied round to raise funds, replacing the stolen £600.

Local resident Rocky Troiani used social media to raise £700.

Rocky, assisted by a team of volunteers, redecorated Arthur's home, something which the pensioner said lifted his spirits.

Speaking at the time, Rocky said, "Watching Arthur's story on ITV, really brought it home that the elderly are very vulnerable.

"I just wanted to restore some faith in humanity for an elderly gentleman who could have possibly lost his life due to this robbery."

Kent Police are continuing their investigation to try and trace the other accomplice who was involved in the attack.