Labour MP Rosie Duffield considering future in party over 'obsessive harrassment'

Labour MP Rosie Duffield says she is considering her future in the party 'very carefully' after what she has described as 'obsessive harrassment'.

The MP for Canterbury explained on social media how she had been subject to 'personal, libellous, nasty and fictional' things published about her from ex and current Labour party members.

Ms Duffield added that she had been offered no help from the party, or legal assistance to pursue a libel case.

She said: "For several years now. It is obsessive harrassment. Neither the Labour Party or either the former or current Leader or the Whips' Office have done anything at all to stop it, to offer me any support, help or legal assistance. I am financially unable to pursue a libel action..."

In September 2021, she told the Sunday Times she had been forced to pull out of the Labour party conference in Brighton after receiving on-line threats from militant activists, following her views on transgender issues.

She had told the paper she had been branded transphobic for “knowing that only women have a cervix”.

Ms Duffield, who was elected in 2017 to represent Canterbury, Whitstable, and the Villages, thanked those who had sent her messages of support since her initial posts on Twitter on Sunday (30 January).

She added: "Thank you very much to all who are sending supportive messages but just to be clear, this issue in no way relates to my stance on women's rights. I need support from the Labour party in Kent and against the constant stream of fictional and factional bile that is written about me."

A spokesperson for the Labour Party said: "The Labour Party continues to be in touch with Rosie Duffield and has offered her advice and support."