'Crafty' seagull swipes parking fine from car windscreen in Brighton

The seagull decided it would like to have the parking ticket. Credit: BPM Media

A Brighton driver who was parked illegally is in for a surprise, after a cheeky seagull swiped a ticket from their windscreen.

The scene was caught on camera in Kemptown, to the amusement of bystanders who called the encounter 'very funny'.

While it was not known who the owner of the vehicle is, a witness speculated they are likely to learn of their fine only when a letter comes through their door informing them of late payment - thanks to the gull's thievery.

James Earley, who caught the bird at the 'scene of the crime' was baffled by its behaviour.

The determined gull ignored bystanders to lift the ticket from the vehicle's windscreen. Credit: BPM Media

He first saw the bird pecking at something, but it wasn't until closer inspection that he realised the bird was attempting to 'make off' with the parking ticket.

“I expected it to fly off when I tried to take a photo but it just ignored me and was determined to get the ticket,” he said.

“I wonder what he did with it afterwards...

“Poor driver won’t know until they get a reminder through.”

The gull was happy to be photographed as it lifted the ticket from the windscreen. Credit: BPM Media

The snaps were originally posted in a local Facebook group, spurring a reaction from residents who are all too familiar with the behaviour of Brighton's seagulls.

One said: “I would like to think the seagull had good intentions taking it in order to prevent the car owner from penalties.

“But then again it is a seagull so that might be wishful thinking.”

Others joked that the gull worked for the council ‘earning lots of dough’ and suggested: “He has reported back and will be around the same area tomorrow.”

Another remarked: “This might be the most Brighton post that has ever existed.”

Parking fines amount to between £50 or £70, which can be halved if paid within 14 days.