Oxfordshire rock singer takes part in Covid drug trials after catching virus

Andrew Nixey from North Leigh said he became ill after attending a concert Credit: Trauma UK - Outta My Mind

An Oxfordshire rock singer is urging others to take part in Covid drug trials, after catching the virus.

Andrew Nixey from North Leigh near Witney, said he became ill after attending a concert. 

The lead singer said he might have caught the virus, despite being double vaccinated and already having had a booster.

He is taking part in a new drug trial being conducted by the University of Oxford, which is one of many taking place under a special government scheme.

Andrew contacted his GP and was referred to the Panoramic trial, as he was an eligible patient.

  • Andrew Nixey, Musician:

The anti-viral drug, Molnupiravir, is just one of many to be tested in the trial, run by the government-funded National Institute for Health Research.

Andrew said he was willing to be part of the trial because "unless someone takes them then we are not going to find out any side effects or the effectiveness of the tablets themselves."

He said: "The tablets turned up by lunchtime the following day. It was a 5-day course and I took four tablets, twice a day with water. I felt quite well in taking them. Within a couple of days my head cleared and I didn't feel as though I had Covid at all."

Dr Nick Thomas, Windrush General Practice, Witney said: "The idea now of new medications coming through is fantastic news for us all, not just in Witney, or Oxfordshire, or the Thames Valley, but also in our country."

"It's fantastic to be part of that, to be able to evaluate this properly. So if you have a positive test, lateral flow or PCR, you can go to the Panoramic trial online and register remotely depending on where you live."

It's hoped if the trials go well, that the new drug may be available in a matter of months.