Bull terrier searching for end of life foster home after cancer diagnosis

Nine-year-old Reggie has low grade mast cell cancer Credit: RSPCA

An English bull terrier described as "the most loving soul" is searching for an end of life foster home to live out his days after being diagnosed with cancer.

Nine-year-old Reggie was taken in by the RSCPA Isle of Thanet branch in Kent after he was found in "quite a state" in December.

The neglected dog could not see through thick green discharge caused by eye infections and his claws had grown into his pads which had become infected.

Emily Mayer, from the RSCPA branch, said: "Reggie came into our care because his owner was very unwell and was going into hospital. They’d been struggling to take care of him because of their poor health and contacted us for help."

"Poor Reggie was in a real state when he came in. His teeth were rotting and he had a number of lumps all over his body. He was also unneutered."

Reggie underwent multiple tests, investigations, biopsies and x-rays. He was neutered and had treatment for his infected paws and had three large masses removed.

Staff also started lifelong treatment to help Reggie’s eyes. Credit: RSPCA

"Sadly we’ve discovered that Reggie has low grade mast cell cancer," Emily added.

"We had hoped we’d be able to find Reggie a new home but, due to his ongoing medical needs and the cancer diagnosis we’re now looking for a long-term foster home who can give Reggie the love he deserves with the support of our team."

The RSCPA branch said Reggie would like to find a home with someone who is around for most of the day and can spend lots of quality time with him.

It added that ideally his foster home will be local to the branch so they can continue to help with ongoing veterinary care. 

Emily added that Reggie has "such a wonderful nature"

"He is the most loving soul and we all absolutely adore him. He still bounds around like a puppy and loves to play - and destroy - his squeaky toys!"

"We want to find Reggie a five-star foster home so that he can enjoy a loving, comfortable home for the amount of time he has left."

"We’ve started treatment to slow the cancer, costing us £250 a month. We already have a pricey vet bill of £1,600 to cover all of the treatment he’s had and his eye medication, which will need to continue, is also expensive. His outgoings are a lot, but he is worth every penny."

A fundraiser has since been set up to help with Reggie's ongoing costs, which has raised over £1,000.

Anyone who thinks they might be able to offer Reggie a foster home should contact the branch on 01843 826180 or info@rspcathanet.org.uk.