'It means the world': Judge Rinder receives honorary degree from Solent University

WATCH: Judge Rinder receive his Honorary Doctorate at Solent University

TV judge Rob Rinder has received a special award from Solent University in Southampton.

He was given an honorary degree for bringing knowledge and understanding of the law to a wider audience.

He attended the ceremony at the city's Guildhall, where he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Law for services to law and legal education.

Speaking to ITV Meridian, he opened up about how it feels to be recognised, and praised the University.

He said: "It means the world to have received an honorary doctorate from Southampton Solent."

"Southampton Solent is at the core of this incredible city and community. It understands that education is more than just what you learn but what you give back to your community. And the law that I've done over the years is about everybody whoever you are being able to understand it."

"What a great place this is. It represents not just what a University is at its very best, but what this city and I suppose to some extent, what our country can be at its best."

Who is Judge Rinder?

  • Rob Rinder's TV show is watched by millions, hosting the mock courtroom series since 2014

  • The TV judge graduated from the University of Manchester with a First Class degree in politics and modern history

  • Before getting his own show, the barrister wrote TV scripts in his spare time

Hundreds of students, whose graduation had been delayed since last summer because of the pandemic, were awarded alongside him on Thursday (04/02).

"In lockdown these graduates, most of whom will have studied in lockdown needed even more perseverance and courage to get to the end, and so the celebration today is even richer," Judge Rinder added.

"This is the first time they've been alongside each other and there's so much room for sadness and challenge in the last couple of years, so to be in a community of joy and to be here today really is and has been a complete light in the darkness here at Southampton Solent. What a gift it's been."

Judge Rinder also spoke about the importance of students graduating from the creative industry, and said it is "not an optional add-on."

"They're central to our civilisation. They are the threads within our tapestry. We're assessed on what we are as a society by the quality of our culture and this amazing group of students represents the future of that."

"Yes of course we have to be able to do maths and to read, but we need something to read and to frankly delight in. And we've needed it now more now than ever when we think about the darkness of the last two years."