Dozens of drivers caught speeding on one Berkshire Road in just 90 minutes

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There are urgent calls for action to stop speeding on a road in Berkshire, after 44 drivers were caught exceeding the 30mph limit in the space of just 90 minutes.

Volunteers have been recording the details of speeding motorists on Bell Foundry Lane in Wokingham.

It's part of a new initiative launched by Thames Valley Police.

The Community Speedwatch scheme was set up in response to a number of complaints from local residents.

A recent Speedwatch session caught one motorist driving twice above the speed limit at 60mph Credit: ITV news Meridian

Local councillor and Speedwatch volunteer Rachel Burgess said: "There was a petition launched by one of the local residents last year that got about 80 or 90 signatures.

"The council are saying they will do something about it but it's very frustrating for us because all the changes they talk about take a lot of time and we don't see much action on the ground.

"So that's why we like doing Speedwatch as it's something we can actually do and we know where the hotspots are with speeding in our areas."

Volunteers are provided with a starter kit, including a speed detection device, to help them assist in the battle against speeding motorists.

Before they can be deployed to the roadside, the volunteers receive training on how to use the speed gun and are taught what to do if drivers become aggressive towards them.

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Speedwatch volunteers cannot issue speeding tickets themselves - instead, drivers exceeding the limit receive warning letters from the police.

The data can also be used to assess future police enforcement or other traffic calming measures which may be required.

A spokesperson for Thames Valley Police said: “We have found that regular sessions by the Community Speedwatch teams have had a positive effect on the behaviour of motorists, reducing reoffending by 95%, especially those driving through the villages where they live.

"The scheme gives the opportunity to residents and volunteers to tackle the issues of most concern to them and it is a great example of police and communities working together.”

For more information on the Speedwatch scheme or to register as a volunteer, visit

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