Juliet the lovebird from Brighton looking for her Romeo this Valentine's day

Credit: RSPCA

A lovebird from Sussex is looking for her Romeo this Valentine's Day.

Juliet was placed in the care of RSPCA Brighton in December after being rescued by the charity.

Thought to be six years old, her keepers hope she'll be able to find a new home in an aviary with other lovebirds.

The charity said that Juliet "is ready to meet her match."

Lovebirds are a small species of parrot, normally native to Africa.

Naturally lovebirds live in small flocks and form monogamous relationships within the group.

Juliet can’t live with other species of birds so is particularly looking for a lovebird-experienced home, the charity said.

Staff would like to find her owners with a large aviary with plenty of space and lots of enrichment. 

RSPCA Brighton manager Jenny Eden said: “No lovebird should be lonely and we’d love to get her the perfect home.

“She is a beautiful girl and we really want to see her happy and find her a friend for company.

“Juliet is ready to meet her match so if you can offer her the home and company she needs please get in touch with us.”

“Lovebirds are cheeky and playful birds who need lots of enrichment and things to do, and they love to destroy things like cardboard tubes, boxes and toys.”