Dog's broken heart fixed in time for Valentine's Day

Dylan now has a new lease of life

A poorly dog has had his broken heart fixed in time for Valentine's Day thanks to vets at a specialist centre in Essex.

Dylan, a 14-year-old Griffon Bruxellois had been suffering from a potentially fatal heart condition. His owners were warned it could stop at any moment.

In desperation they were referred to the Southfields Veterinary Specialists in Laindon, where experts carried out intricate surgery to fit Dylan with a pacemaker, the only treatment option that could offer him a definite and long-term solution.

The hospital’s head of cardiology, Xavier Navarro-Cubas, said: “Unfortunately, Dylan was suffering from a third-degree atrioventricular heart block which, sadly, is not compatible with life.

“When this condition is diagnosed in dogs, it tends to lead to major adverse events such as heart failure and eventually sudden death.

“Pacemaker implantation is the only treatment option that can offer a definite and long-term solution for these patients.”

Dylan having his life-saving operation

Dylan’s relieved owner Lisa James admitted she was not sure whether her treasured pet would pull through

“We first became aware there was a problem when we took him to our local vets with what we thought was an upset tummy which went on for weeks," she said.

“When the vets did a thorough examination it quickly became apparent that it wasn’t his tummy at all.

“An electrocardiogram test showed his heart-rate was very low to the point where the vet said Dylan’s heart could stop at any moment.

“It was devastating news but in an odd way I was relieved, as it was at least an explanation for Dylan’s troubles and something could be done about it.

“Happily, everything turned out well and Dylan has made a fabulous recovery, he’s like a puppy again!"