Woman walks marathon to thank medical staff who saved her husband's life

ITV Meridian reporter Cary Johnston speaks to Alexandra Willams about her latest challenge

A woman whose husband almost died from a heart condition, has walked a marathon to raise money for the NHS staff who saved his life.

Alexandra Willams' husband Nick was diagnosed with a dissected aorta ten years ago. He was rushed to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford and underwent urgent heart surgery.

Fortunately, Nick survived his ordeal and is now leading a normal life with his wife at their home near Banbury.

Alexandra said she was so overwhelmed by the amazing treatment he received from staff at the JR, she undertook a charity auction to raise money for the Oxford Hospitals Charity and the Oxford Heart Centre.

Nick's life-saving heart surgery has inspired his wife to undertake a marathon walk

But now, a decade later, she decided to embark on a charity walk of the same route that the ambulance had taken from their home to the Oxford hospital - just over the length of a marathon, to further thank staff who had saved her husband's life.

Alexandra told ITV Meridian, "I was very conscious during Covid that they’d (medical staff) had a really horrible horrible time, and I thought what can I do to mark the anniversary, just to say thank you?

"He didn’t die.

"We are very lucky, and I appreciate everything you’ve done for us," said Alexandra.

Alexandra's husband Nick says he's immensely proud of her

Sarah Vaccari from the Oxford Hospitals Charity says staff have been delighted with Alexandra's support:

"This kind of support is incredible.

"It means so much to the staff at the Oxford Heart Centre and the John Radcliffe and indeed the whole Oxford Hospitals Charity team.

"It’s just tremendous she’s gone to such huge efforts."

It's hoped that enough money will be raised to go towards purchasing new anaesthetic equipment at the hospital.