Portsmouth International Port to undergo £90m transformation

  • Click the video above for details about the new port by ITV Meridian's Chlöe Oliver

Plans for £90m investment into Portsmouth International Port have been announced today, as the site undergoes a revolutionary transformation.

£11.25m of that money will come from the central government's Levelling Up fund, to reduce regional inequalities and help Portsmouth stay in line with other areas of the UK.

Council and port bosses say the changes will create more than 5000 jobs in the city and boost the local and national economy by hundreds of millions of pounds.

There are also plans to improve infrastructure in the area along the M275 and nearby roundabouts, as well as looking for a suitable site nearby to create a lorry park.

The Port says the investment will secure its future

Key changes to be made to the port:

  • Extending the berth to 300m to accommodate newer, more modern ships

  • Extending the Portico terminal, which deals with container and cargo 

  • Building a purely electric service

  • Building Border Control force to help with the transportation of plants and animals following Brexit

  • Creating a bigger passenger terminal with a direct overhead walkway from the terminal to cruise ships

  • Upgrades will be carried out to roads in the area: Rudmore square and Whale Island Way will have upgraded junctions and there will be an integrated park and ride

To address potential concerns over traffic, the port is also looking to develop a phone app to give drivers early notification around bookings and shipping.

Plans for a lorry park within a 6 mile radius of the port are also in their final stages of being discussed - to stop lorry cabs queuing along M275.

A key focus for the port is to make the site more environmentally friendly.

It has ambitious plans to become the UK’s first zero emission port by 2050, with three quarters of its energy coming from renewable sources.

Portsmouth finds itself in a unique situation; a port built and owned by the council.

Residents will help fund the new port but will also benefit from its success as any profits made from the port will go back into helping to reduce council tax rates that residents pay. 

The number of jobs at the port will be doubled from 2022 to 2032
The local economy is forecast to be boosted from £189m to £357m

Over the next 1-2 years, bosses hope to find a site suitable to fit 400 trailers, that will provide storage and rebooking and canteen facilities for drivers.

It's hope that will reduce congestion on the road network and help move freight into the port.

Work on the port is set to begin this spring.