Storm Eunice: Flights into Heathrow become viral sensation

Watch: Charlotte Briere-Edney speaks to Big Jet TV outside Heathrow Airport.

Flights into London Heathrow Airport have begun to return to normal this evening, after Storm Eunice battered the Thames Valley.

Strong winds caused some dramatic landings at the airport throughout Friday, for those pilots that were brave enough.

These landings became a viral sensation, thanks to Big Jet TV, run by Jerry Dyer.

At one point, more than 200,000 people tuned in to his live stream on Friday.

This popularity prompted network TV channel, Dave, to tweet:

"Sorry we can't do any work today we are currently watching planes land at Heathrow.... yes we are being serious."

Comedian and author Adam Kay joined the conversation, writing: "GLUED to Big Jet TV. The poor pilots, crew and passengers landing just now. I need a complimentary Bloody Mary to get through just watching it."

Presenter Richard Osman noted Dyer's commentary style, writing: "Just got a big nose full of Dunlop' #BIGJetTV", while Call The Midwife actor Stephen McGann tweeted: "Just take a train, guys. Much safer. ?? #BigJetTV."