Storm Eunice: Langstone bridge closes trapping residents on Hayling Island

Hayling Island bridge has closed due to worries over high tides

The only road on and off Hayling Island, the Langstone Bridge in Hampshire, has been closed due to Storm Eunice.

The bridge is expected to remain closed for up to three hours amid fears cars and people crossing could be put in danger following high tide combined with stormy weather.

The council announced the major traffic news on Twitter, as a precaution before high tide hits.

Hayling Island and Langstone had been named earlier this morning as flooding hotspots.

The bridge is the only route on or off of the island for cars and walkers, which leaves thousands of residents, who live on the island or who were visiting, stranded.

It was thought to be particularly at risk due to its exposed position combined with the effect of strong waves reaching the busy route.