Thousands of homes still without power as Storm Franklin hampers recovery efforts

ITV News Meridian's Sarah Saunders has been speaking to those affected by power cuts

Thousands of homes across the south east are still without power for a fourth day as disruption from Storm Franklin hampers recovery efforts from Storm Eunice.

More than 9,000 properties in Kent, Sussex and Surrey were cut off during the height of the Storm Eunice on Friday, and remain without electricity.

The village of Warehorne in Kent is one of the rural areas that has been severely affected, with one resident saying she does not think there has been enough support from UK Power Networks.

Melanie Olymbios said: "We're all using electric, there's no gas up here, and it is freezing and we don't know where we stand.

Melanie Olymbios

She added: "There has been no communication, we're being fobbed off at every point, and we just want some support and some honesty."

The company has said it will offer compensation to people who have been cut off for 24 hours or more.

Bosses add they are doing everything they can to answer every phone call from customers, after dealing with over two months worth of electrical faults in the last three days.

Engineers from UK Power Network work to restore power to the south east. Credit: ITV News Meridian

Instead of the usual 48 hours, any home left without power for more than 24 hours would be eligible for a compensation payment of £50. If the power cut continues beyond 48 hours, customers are entitled to a further £70, and then a further £70 for every 12 hours thereafter.

UK Power Networks CEO Basil Scarsella said: "I appreciate what a difficult time this is, for our many customers who have experienced a power cut caused by Storm Eunice which saw record wind speeds and damage across the South East and East of England."

ITV News Meridian has been told by UK Power Networks that they hope to have all power restored to the region by the end of Tuesday (22 February).

Mark Adolphus, UK Power Networks

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