'Be brave, look after your mother and sister': Ukrainian father's plea to 6-year-old son

  • Watch the moment a father has to say goodbye to his family on a Ukrainian station

A man from the Isle of Wight, who has been working in Ukraine, has filmed heartbreaking scenes at one of the country's railway stations .

Dan Williams is trying to get out of the country following the Russian invasion on Thursday.

He went to Lviv railway station hoping to board the last train out of Ukraine to Poland.

He sent back footage to ITV News filmed on his mobile phone of platforms packed with women and children trying to leave.

  • Dan Williams describes the chaotic scenes at Lviv station

Mr Williams said: "I've talked to a couple of people here who don't have tickets. They're going to try and just hop on the train. It seems like people are certainly trying to get women and children to safety.

"There's quite a lot of younger males which is slightly odd, given that they are not allowed to leave the country."

Ukrainian officials fear today will be the hardest day in its war with Russia.

They expect troops to launch a tank attack on the capital Kyiv in a bid to overthrow the Government.

Many Ukrainians are desperately trying to get out of the country.

A young woman called Marina was on the platform at Lviv. She had just said goodbye to her boyfriend and was about to board the train to Poland.

She said she was very worried about friends and family she was having to leave behind.

Marina said: "I still have parents in Kyiv, and Kyiv is under attack at the moment so they are looking for shelter.

"My friends didn't manage to get here yesterday because of children and pets...it is terrible as they are stuck and trying to get out."

  • Ukrainian woman speaks of her fears for family left behind as she flees the country

Russia's full scale invasion of Ukraine resulted in 137 deaths yesterday in its first full day of fighting.

The Ukrainian President held talks with Boris Johnson this morning and said the country needed the support of partners now more than ever.

Ukraine has declared Martial Law and men aged between 18 and 60 are not allowed to leave the country as they may be called upon to fight.

Dan Williams boarded a train from Ukraine to Poland and witnessed fathers having to say goodbye to their wives and children as they are forced to stay behind.

  • Dan Williams from the Isle of Wight heading to Poland from Ukraine

Dan filmed a young father putting his wife and children onto the train leaving Lviv station heading to Poland.

Speaking in Ukrainian the father spoke to his 6-year-old son before the train left. He said 'Be brave, be strong and look after your mother and sister and smile for them everyday.'

Dan has now made it to the Polish border and is safely out of Ukraine but fears for those left behind.