What lies behind the front door of the south's newest and smallest school?

hove micro school
Music club in front of the fireplace at Hove Micro School

Since Hove Micro School was launched just over a year ago, it's had a steady stream of enquiries, not only from parents interested in what it can offer their children, but from others interested in following its model; an extremely small school in a "home from home" setting.

When I visited there were children learning everywhere, curled up on sofas and lying out on the sitting room floor. The informality of it all was striking. 

Yet what adorns the walls of Rachael Ammari's dining room and upstairs front bedroom, wouldn't look out of place in any primary school classroom.

Posters about the Mayans, a growth mindset, the definitions of musical terms, maths equations, all feature. 

If you mistook informality for a lack of education and learning it would be just that - a mistake. 

The teaching here, from qualified staff, closely mirrors the national curriculum - but instead of a rigid timetable with hour long lessons learning here is more fluid and flexible, it's built around big overarching topics that means science, geography, history and design and technology all interlink. 

The vision here is to fit schooling around a child's curiosity and thirst for learning rather than getting a child to fit into a school. 

Nothing is one size fits all - some pupils come for a day a week, others three or even four.

It's up to parents to ensure their children are being properly educated the rest of the time. 

Some may think that such a small school means pupils are missing out on interaction and socialisation. But what it offers is something different. 

Those that come here by and large lack faith that class sizes of 30 will inspire their children - or provide enough individual attention to allow them to reach their full potential. 

They are fortunate enough to be able to afford to send their children here - a private school where a day's tuition costs around £65.

But one that believes that small is beautiful, and suits certain children for whom the mainstream system isn't the best option.