CCTV captures moment masked men break into New Forest farm where 15 puppies stolen

ITV News Meridian's Nicki Woodcock spoke to the owners of the puppies who say they just want them back

Footage of the moment masked men broke into a farm in the New Forest and stole 15 Border Collie puppies has been released.

The owners say they are heartbroken after six men broke into the premises, near Lyndhurst, at around 1.40am on Tuesday, March 1.

Police believe the thieves were looking for machinery to steal, but after struggling to gain access to a number of outbuildings, they stole the puppies instead.

Ten of the black and white pups were just three days old. Their mother was also taken.

Ten of the puppies were just three days old. Their mother was also taken. Credit: Patrick Langdown/Sarah Harrison

Five puppies, from another litter, were just five weeks old. Their mother was left behind. The owners say she's traumatised.

Patrick Langdown, who owns 10 of the puppies and their mother, said: "Whatever they're worth to them, they're worth 50 times more to me.

"You know that's blood lines I wanted to keep. It wouldn't have been all of them.

"Some of them would have gone for agility dogs if they didn't show a keenness to the sheep. Some would have been kept."

Some of the puppies were destined for a working life, but others were to be sold as pets.

Five of the puppies were just weeks old. Credit: Patrick Langdown/Sarah Harrison

Another puppy was found dead from the cold.

It is the second time the farm has been targeted.

Sarah Harrison, who owns five of the puppies and is a licensed breeder, said: "It's worrying, it makes you feel uncomfortable in your own home.

"I don't want to out at night, to check anything really. It makes you feel insecure.

"Six people intruding on your farm, your home, it's disgraceful.

"They're scum, that's what they are. They're low lives and scum and I hope they get their comeuppance."

The owners fear that without the right care, the puppies might not survive.

The mother of the five puppies was left behind. Credit: ITV News Meridian

Patrick said: "Somebody somewhere knows something and all we want is the dogs back.

"There is a substantial reward for anybody that can get those back to us. We want them back.

"They're not a money making thing, they are pretty close to my heart, they mean a lot to me."

Hampshire Police believes the puppies will be sold online at a cut price.

In a statement the force said: "It is likely that these puppies will be sold via online websites and platforms, so we are asking residents to be aware in case they see a litter of Border Collie puppies being advertised locally at a cut-down price.

"We appreciate that these events will have a significant impact on the local rural community and we are asking anyone who may have seen anything suspicious or perhaps caught any people or vehicles in the vicinity on CCTV to come forward.

"Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact 101, quoting crime reference number 44220083039."