Husband of woman killed in Oxford road accident says cyclists dice with death in the city every day

Scientist Dr Ling Felce died at The Plain roundabout last week Credit: Family handout

The husband of a woman killed in a crash involving a lorry in Oxford says cyclists are dicing with death in the city every day.

Scientist Dr Ling Felce, 35, a mother of two children aged three and five, died a week ago in a collision at The Plain roundabout.

Her husband James told ITV Meridian: "Cycling safety in Oxford is this ongoing issue. I've lived here 17 years and it's been a constant issue.

"But the kind of thing that happens to cause a death at roundabouts like The Plain and other junctions, they happen every day. It is just luck that no-one is killed every day."

  • James Felce told ITV Meridian it is "luck" that no-one is killed every day

He wants to see urgent action: "If we can stop more families getting broken like this... no more children should have to hear that their mother or father was killed, pointlessly, just because we could not organise ourselves to do something about this issue... then that would be a positive."

Dr Felce is one of three cyclists who have lost their lives in the city in the last six months, and her death has prompted widespread calls for action to be taken to reduce the dangers.

Jemima Hunt, cycling champion at Oxford City Council, said: "In the short term we need much more signage. We need there to be a sense that cyclists will be prioritised, that cars must slow down."

One of many tributes to Dr Felce left at the scene

She added: "At the moment nobody knows where to go on this roundabout. Long term we need the roundabout to be redesigned and for it to be a Dutch model where there is a dedicated cycle route around it for cyclists."

Oxfordshire County Council, which is responsible for roads, says it is aware of the issue and will make improvements, possibly involving a redesign of the layout.

She is the second cyclist to die in just one month in the city, prompting cycling safety campaigners Cyclox to organise a vigil to be held tomorrow.

A post on Twitter says: "Vigil to mark our grief for the death of a cyclist on The Plain roundabout.

"This will take place exactly one week after her death. Please gather at 2:30pm on Tuesday 8th March to show our sorrow at yet another death."

A man has been charged in connection with the collision.

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