Essex campaigner fights against 'untenable' rising cost of living

Foodbank users are expected to rise as people struggle to make ends meet

A food campaigner from Essex has called on MPs to act over the rising cost of living.

Jack Monroe addressed the Works and Pension Committee children that the situation for many families was 'already untenable'.

The chef and former Foodbank user said children were, in particular, suffering from poor diet and inadequate food.

“The impact of cost of living on those households is going to be, in some cases, fatal”, Jack Monroe said.

She made her remarks amid warnings the Russian invasion of Ukraine will lead to higher prices at the supermarket.

  • Jack Monroe giving evidence to MPs in Parliament

Earlier this year, Ms Monroe raised her concerns about the rising prices of staple products amid the cost of living crisis.

The activist revisited her local Asda to see lower prices in response to her campaign.

The supermarket said its budget range would be in all of its stores by March.