Father and son from Sussex drive 1,200 miles to deliver goods to the Ukrainian border

Richard and Finn Paisley have taken supplies to Poland

A father and son team have packed up a van and driven nearly 1,200 miles to deliver essential items to refugees fleeing war-ravaged Ukraine.

Richard and Finn Paisley left Hurstpierpoint in Sussex on Tuesday 8 March to deliver medical and hygiene supplies to the Polish/Ukrainian border.

Dad Richard said he felt compelled to do something after hearing a story on the radio.

He said: "I heard someone saying they needed more. I got out of the car, walked into my office at home, picked up the phone and rented a van. Then I told my wife and then I told everybody at work that I would be there the next week.

The scene at the border Credit: Richard Paisley

"I phoned Finn, who was due to be back from uni the next week, and I said 'Do you want to come?'"

A contact put them in touch with the charity Caritas, who told them what was needed.

He added: "We arrived with a van load of essential supplies which has now been distributed and we have been moving people from the border to safer areas and providing whatever logistical support we can with the van that we have."

In just six days the duo have raised more than £16,000 on a crowd funding page, which they have been using to purchase and distribute further supplies, spending up to 18 hours a day buying goods at a cash and carry and taking them to those in need.

WATCH: Richard and Finn spoke to ITV News Meridian from their van

The scene at the border made both of them tearful - although a musician provided a moment of beauty when he struck up a John Lennon tune on an old piano.

Richard said: "This guy starts playing Imagine on the piano. The juxtaposition of him playing that with this stream of misery was an amazing thing to have done."

He added: "We are witnessing desperation on a gigantic scale but even in moments of darkness there are sincere and beautiful moments which give us hope of humanity."

A pianist playing John Lennon provided a bit of relief at the border Credit: Richard Paisley

Finn said: "It has been pretty horrific. Everyone has seen it on the news but seeing it up close and personal is quite harrowing. People are shell shocked. Their whole lives have been destroyed."

"We've never done anything like this before, but this is not a normal situation.

"We have already been overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness that everyone has shown us.

"Anything given will be spent directly on supplies and distributed to those who need them most."

Some of the goods the duo have taken in their van Credit: ITV News

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