Abnormal load disrupts traffic during 41-mile journey through East Sussex

The large load is travelling 41 miles from Shoreham Docks to Ninfield Credit: National Highways

A large load travelling 41 miles through East Sussex has caused disruption to roads.

Congestion and road closures have been in place across parts of the county, as two large pieces of equipment, measuring over 70 metres, is moved from Shoreham Port to National Grid’s substation near Ninfield.

The convoy left Shoreham Docks at 9am and is expected to arrive in Ninfield at around 7:30pm.

The abnormal load, described as "slow-moving" is an essential piece of equipment needed by the National Grid, to provide energy to homes and businesses.

The A27 between the Ashcombe roundabout and the Southerham roundabout has been closed since 6am on Saturday and isn't expected to reopen until 8pm.

A temporary bridge has also been set up so the two pieces of equipment, weighing more than 300 tonnes, can safely cross the River Ouse.

Motorists have had to follow diversions that are in place in both directions on the A270, A259 and A26.

Residents and businesses were also warned about restricted access to their properties for a short time as it passed through streets in Sussex.