Moment Reading man Raheem Hanif ambushed by attackers as four jailed

  • Watch CCTV of the moment Raheem Hanif and his father were ambushed in a carpark

Three men and a boy have been jailed in connection with the murder of Raheem Hanif in Reading.

The 26-year-old was stabbed to death, after being attacked in the car park of a residential address in Dulnan Close, Tilehurst on 6 February 2021.

Raheem tragically died of his injuries at the scene, while his father Abdul, 47, sustained a broken arm in the same incident.

Raheem Hanif, 26, died at the scene of the attack

Today (23 March), Abas Khan, 24, of Helmsdale Road, Reading, and Kamran Chowdhary, 18, of Carey Street, Reading, have been sentenced to life, with a minimum term of 26 years and 14 years respectively, for murder.

Two others, Humzah Sikander, aged 18, of Brunel Road, Reading, and Shekuh Conteh, aged 17, formerly of Frilsham Road, Reading, were found not guilty of murder but convicted of manslaughter by unanimous jury verdict.

Sikander was jailed for six years, while Conteh was jailed for four years for manslaughter and causing GBH without intent.

Abas Khan (left) and Kamran Chowdhary have been jailed for life for Raheem Hanif's murder. Credit: Thames Valley Police
Humzah Sikander and Shekuh Conteh were jailed for manslaughter. Credit: Thames Valley Police

The court heard how at approximately 6.55pm on Saturday 6 February last year, Abdul Hanif drove a Ford Transit van into the car park of a residential address in Dulnan Close, Tilehurst.

Raheem was in the passenger seat.

Their van was followed by a Range Rover Evoque, which circled the car park until it rammed into the front of Mr Hanif’s van several times.

At this point, several people got out of the Range Rover and used baseball bats and large knives to attack the van.

The driver's side window was broken and Abdul Hanif was struck, causing a broken arm.

Raheem, was stabbed in the chest through the window of the van.

The court was told the attack came following a series of previous incidents, including a fight which took place on Oxford Road the day before the murder.

Watch the fight between Raheem and Chowdhary, captured on phone and street cameras

Abas Khan had his head bowed as Judge Heather Norton passed their sentences.

After the sentencing there were angry scenes in court, as the defendants shouted and, at times, tried to attack each other physically.

Members of their families had to be removed from the courtroom by security officers and police. 

In January, Khan and Chowdhary were found guilty by unanimous jury verdict of murder following a trial that lasted ten weeks at Reading Crown Court.

Chowdhary was also found guilty by unanimous jury verdict of possession of an offensive weapon.

Sikander had also previously pleaded guilty to one count of grievous bodily harm without intent on a second victim, Raheem’s father, Abdul.

Detectives have described the case as particularly violent and pre-planned.

There were a number of incidents which led to the murder of Raheem Hanif - the night before the attack, a fight took place on Oxford Road, before the group returned the following evening, some armed with weapons.

The jury were shown the knives that were taken on the night of the attack, which police believe served only one purpose, to kill or cause serious harm.

Detective Superintendent Stuart Bosley said: "The first thing I'd like to do is pass on my condolences to Raheem's family, both personally and on behalf of the investigation team and on behalf of Thames Valley Police.

"The loss of a 26-year-old in such needless circumstances is truly awful.

"I am conscious that no matter what sentence was passed today, would never bring back Raheem.

The attack happened on Saturday 6 February 2021 in a car park in Dulnan Close, Tilehurst Credit: ITV News Meridian

"I hope that justice being served will act as a small piece of comfort to the family.

"I'd secondly like to thank all the witnesses who came to give evidence during this trial, and to get these convictions, particularly for Raheem's family, who due to defendants' lack of admissions, were forced to give their evidence over a number of days.

"I'd also like to commend the family on how well they conducted themselves, during this ten week trial, in what were very testing circumstances for them.

"Finally I'd like to make a more general point about those who seek to carry weapons, and in particular knives.

"Thames Valley Police will work tirelessly through our violence reduction unit, and with partners to reduce the carrying of knives. But unfortunately, we cannot be successful in all circumstances, as proved here today.

"But what I do hope these convictions show, is that firstly, if you associate yourself with anyone who carries a knife, even if you were not the person to inflict the fatal blow, you leave yourself open to prosecution.

"Secondly, Thames Valley Police will relentlessly pursue those who carry weapons, and seek to bring those people to justice.