'They've just treated us like complete and utter dirt' says P&O worker as CEO questioned by MPs

  • ITV News Meridian's Tony Green spoke to P&O workers as boss Peter Hebblethwaite gave evidence to MPs at a hearing. Picture Credit: Twitter/Nautilus International

A worker sacked by P&O Ferries has said the company "just treated us like complete and utter dirt".

It comes as seafarers fired by the company, and officers from trade union the RMT, reacted to the grilling of P&O boss, Peter Hebblethwaite.

His evidence and apology was met with anger from the group who gathered in Dover to watch the Westminster select committee session.

Lee Davison, who is Dover Branch Secretary at the RMT Union and a former P&O worker, said: "Blasé I think the words were.

"To sit there in front of the Transport Select Committee and openly admit that you broke the law, it's unheard of.

"We are not going to stop fighting. I think the company itself is finished, and how long he lasts is just a matter of time now."

Peter Hebblethwaite was grilled by MPs on Thursday.

Mr Hebblethwaite admitted the company had broken employment law when he was questioned by MPs about the sacking of 800 staff.

He said there was "absolutely no doubt" the ferry operator was required to consult with trade unions, but it chose not to.

"I completely throw our hands up, my hands up, that we did choose not to consult.

"We did not believe there was any other way to do this to compensate people in full."

Mr Hebblethwaite added: "I say an apology to the seafarers that were affected on Thursday last week, an apology to their families and an apology to the 2200 of our employees who have had to face very difficult questions."