Mother's Day falcon's egg takes Salisbury Cathedral tally to four

The male falcon with the four eggs Credit: Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral's peregrines laid a Mother's Day egg - taking the total tally in the rooftop nest to four.

The alert was raised by the Cathedral’s deputy head guide, Tricia Glass, who lives in The Close and regularly photographs the falcons and other birds from her roof.

It means the couple have now laid four eggs including the first one about a week ago, on Saturday, March 19.

The falcons will incubate the eggs once the last one has been laid - peregrines lay between two and five eggs - and it will be around a month before they hatch.

The female falcon with the new eggs Credit: Salisbury Cathedral

The fourth egg means there will be a lot to see on the live webcam, as four mouths to feed means a very busy time for the parents.

Cathedral staff are also inviting suggestions for names for the parents. The competition closes at 2pm on Friday, 1 April.

Names should be related to flora and fauna, from local wildlife to exotic blooms.