Paralympian who survived 7/7 bombing visits Kent primary school to talk about injury and illness

Martine read to the children and answered questions about her own experiences.

Martine Wright MBE, the Paralympian & 7/7 survivor, has been Borough Green Primary School in Sevenoaks today (30 March).

She read a new book to the children, which covers themes of injury & illness, so she was able to then have a conversation on the topics with them.

Almost 17 years ago, Martine Wright MBE experienced life changing injuries when she lost both legs in the 7/7 terrorist attacks in London.

Since then, she has become a Paralympian, earned a pilot’s license, and become a mother.

Martine told the children that good things will always come out of bad things.

Today, new research released has found that over a third (38%) of parents to primary school aged children avoid talking to their little ones about topics linked to injury and illness.

These include: bereavement, loss of a limb, mental health, serious injury, medication, hospitals, physical disabilities and sickness.

Fletchers Solicitors created the new children’s book and audiobook, which explores the practical and emotional changes a family might face following a serious injury.

‘Bracky Builds a New Den’ helps children make sense of the world around them when a parent or carer experiences a serious injury in an age-appropriate way.

  • Martine reflects on her visit to the school

It is the tale of a happy dinosaur whose life is turned upside down when their father suffers a serious injury.

Aimed at 5 to 8-year-old children living in similar circumstances, the book has been developed following a period of analysis and development, which included market research, tailored professional advice from therapists, and first-hand accounts from families and children who have experienced serious injury.

Martine Wright is helping to launch a children’s story book to encourage open conversation around parents with life changing injuries.