Oxford woman 'heartbroken' after discovering parents' gravestone smashed in half

A woman from Oxfordshire says she's been left heartbroken after discovering her parents' gravestone had been smashed in half.

Serena Fuller visits her parents' grave once a week at St Matthews cemetery in Harwell.

But when she arrived on 24 March to lay flowers for her father's birthday, Serena discovered that the headstone had been completely destroyed in an apparent act of vandalism.

Serena said "I'm totally devastated.

  • Serena Fuller says she feels devastated by what's happened

"I feel numbed that someone felt they could do this, she added.

"I've absolutely no idea why someone would do this.

"I truly believe it's been targeted, as there's been no other vandalism, and the parish council have said they've never had any vandalism in the cemetery.

Serena believes her parents' headstone was deliberately targeted

Other personal items which were on the grave have been removed.

Serena says she has approached the village groundsmen, and the Parish Clerk about the incident but neither of them saw what happened.

"I would like to replace the headstone, but I am concerned the minute it's put back on, it will be targeted again, added Serena.

"I want to say to the person that did this - 'what did my parents ever do to you to deseve this?'

Serena Fuller and Stephen Bray assess the damage

The church graveyard sits near to a number of properties in the area and Serena is appealing to anyone who may have Ring doorbell camera footage.

"I want to appeal to anyone who may recall seeing or hearing anything unusual in the cemetery recently or who may have CCTV or doorbell footage.

"Please assist Thames Valley Police with its enquiries."