Eurotunnel warns of continuing delays to cross channel services after 'stuck' train is moved

Motorists queue at the Eurotunnel terminal on Friday 1st April. Credit: PA

Eurotunnel is warning motorists of delays today (Monday 4 April), after a train 'temporarily stopped' in the tunnel linking England to France overnight.

The train is now out of the tunnel, but the operator, which runs services from its terminal in Folkestone to France, says passengers travelling today may experience delays after a train was stuck in the tunnel in the early hours of this morning.

It is asking people to allow plenty of time for their journey and check SMS and its onsite screens for updates.

Earlier, a source at the company told ITV Meridian that the train had been stuck since 0100 Monday morning and was being looked at by technicians.

In a tweet the company apologised and urged passengers to 'check in as normal'.

It said: "Due to a train stopped temporarily in the tunnel, our service is currently experiencing delays. Please check-in as planned. Apologies for this."

The delays to rail services to the continent come after parts of Kent were brought to a near standstill over the weekend, with queues of up to 9 hours reported towards the Port of Dover.

Operation Brock is currently in use, with lorries seen queuing along the M20.

The suspension of P&O services reduced capacity at the port, while bad weather and a shortage of ferries on other operators were also been blamed for long queues.

The freeze on the ferry services, with three of the company's vessels at berth in Dover, has reduced capacity significantly.

However, queues cleared throughout Sunday, with near normal conditions reported for local traffic and tourists.

But the Port of Dover has warned that a 'buffer zone' is in place for freight traffic.

Conditions in the Channel are currently moderate to rough it said. With winds blowing in a west-southwest direction.

As of Monday morning (4 April) DFDS, which is carrying P&O customers, reported delays of up to 90 minutes to journeys.

One of its ships was out of service over the weekend after it hit a berth in high winds.

Rival operator, Irish Ferries, reported a similar level of delays.

Motorists have been warned that delays are likely to continue throughout this week.