Further disruption in Kent as ferries and Eurotunnel services delayed for fourth day

HGVs queue on the M20 on Saturday 1st April Credit: PA

Motorists are being warned of further disruption to journeys in Kent today, as both ferry companies and Eurotunnel report long delays.

Traffic monitoring service, Inrix, reported high demand at Eurotunnel's terminal and Folkestone on Tuesday morning, and warned of 90 minutes delays to journeys.

Whilst ferry company DFDS tweeted that its routes from Dover to Calais and Dunkirk will both be subject to delays.

Its services from the Port of Dover to Dunkirk are subject to delays of up to 45 minutes. Passengers are advised to check in as normal.

Whilst its services from the Port of Dover to Calais are subject to delays of 90 minutes.

The company apologised for the disruption.

Tuesday marks the fourth day of disruption in Kent, as motorists and freight queued to get out of the country.

Saturday saw 9 hours queues in some parts of the county and long lines of parked HGVs in Operation Brock on the M20.

The suspension of P&O services reduced capacity at the port, while bad weather and a shortage of ferries on other operators were also been blamed for long queues.

The freeze on the ferry services, with three of the company's vessels at berth in Dover, has reduced capacity significantly.

However, queues cleared throughout Sunday, with near normal conditions reported for local traffic and tourists.