Former Fleet soldier completes ten-marathon challenge with multiple fractures

Watch Darren Hardy on the final leg of his challenge, pushing 13-year-old Aggie over the finish line. He's raised £30,000 so far to help save children's lives.

A former soldier from Fleet, who was medically discharged with PTSD, has completed an exhausting fundraising challenge, running 300km in just 100 hours.

Darren Hardy, 36, was attempting to run 380km from Manchester to London, the equivalent of ten marathons in three days.

He was forced to curtail the challenge after suffering multiple fractures and severe swelling on both feet, but kept going to reach the finish line in excruciating pain.

Experts have warned it will take more than six months for his body to recover.  

Darren said he was inspired to take on the feat to raise money for 13-year-old Aggie Candy-Waters, who suffers from a neurodegenerative condition called H-ABC - a severe form of TUBB4a leukodystrophy.

Darren approaches the finish line with Aggie

Today he crossed the finish line in Hyde Park with Aggie in her wheelchair, having raised a staggering £30,000 so far.

Hardy is no stranger to extreme endurance challenges.

Last year, he ran 131 miles (211km) along the south coast and broke two world records by pulling a car.

A thank you hug from Aggie's mum Ali

“I got to know Aggie and her family last year, and we found a deep bond,” Hardy said. “I felt angry and frustrated that more couldn’t be done.

"The injustice of her condition and the lack of a treatment just hit home.

 “Darren is a modern-day superhero,” said Aggie’s mum Ali Candy-Waters. “He’s willing to risk his own health and push his body to the absolute limit - all to help our little girl. 

 “We really can’t thank him enough, and hope that the country gets behind him.” 

Darren, who almost took his own life after suffering from PTSD, refers to his challenges as 'therapy.'

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