Drivers told there are 'adequate' fuel supplies despite localised shortages in South East

Some garages in Oxford, Havant and Winchester were among those closed due to local fuel shortages Credit: ITV Meridian

Drivers in the South East have been struggling to get fuel, after eco-activists blocked oil terminals at the weekend.

The protests are a number of reasons, including the war in Ukraine, why some local garages are seeing fuel shortages.

Some stations in Oxford, Didcot, Wallingford, Wokingham, Chichester, Havant and Winchester were closed, while others saw queues to fill up at the pumps. 

Despite limited fuel availability, people have been managing to fill up their cars by trying a variety of petrol stations. 

The issues appear to be affecting some supermarket petrol stations, BP and Shell garages.

It comes after protests at oil terminals across the South in the last week, including at the Heathrow terminal.

Motorists are being told to only put in the amount of fuel they really need, as demand increases, with people planning to get away for the Easter holidays.

  • Drivers in Winchester reacted to the fuel shortages:

The Basingstoke-based AA has reassured drivers that any fuel shortages are localised and that there are adequate supplies.

Edmund King, AA president, said: "There has been a fair degree of social media speculation about fuel supplies and we would like to reassure the public that fuel supplies are coming through and garages are re-stocking. It is true there have seen some localised shortages flagged up by AA Patrols but some of that is due to extra demand with the Easter driving season starting and more staycations.

"Currently a combination of greater demand; some drivers changing their filling up habits; Russian invasion of Ukraine; and protests, has led to limited localised shortages. However, our 2700 Patrols have not reported difficulties in obtaining fuel across the country over the weekend despite some isolated shortages. If drivers follow their normal filling up patterns, they will find that there are adequate supplies of fuel coming through."

In a statement, the Petrol Retailers Association, said: "We are aware of protests at several fuel supply sites; however, the majority are unaffected.

Fuel suppliers are working hard to ensure fuels are being delivered as quickly as possible and our members are working closely with them and following their advice.

The PRA represents independently owned forecourts which accounts for around 65% of forecourts and about 35% in terms of market share for fuel sales."