Woman doused in petrol while homeless in Hove wants to thank strangers who rescued her

120422-mairead hove homeless attack
Mairead wants to thank all those who helped her off of the streets. Credit: Mairead Lillianna Soledad

A young woman who was doused with petrol and dragged through a fire when she was sleeping rough in Hove is looking for the good samaritans who helped her.

Mairead Soledad was living in Wish Park with her dog Solo two years ago when she was attacked.

She says a woman and her daughter were driving past when they saw Mairead in trouble, stopped, and took her home. Now she wants to track them down to thank them.

In a social media post she wrote: "They took me to their home and let me shower and fed me. They then helped me get into a hostel and get support which in turn is how I ended up finally off the street."

Mairead with living in Wish Park with her dog Solo when she was attacked.

When talking about her time on the streets she added: "I just wanted to thank everyone who went out of their way to check in or bring me and my dog food.

"I'm forever thankful and grateful as I was living in absolute fear and people's kind words and help is the only reason I'm still alive today.

"I know it's a bit of a long shot, but I'm looking for this couple, her name was Sherrie and her husband was Pablo. They had two dogs and a daughter.

"They lived near Wish Park and I am hoping someone may know them. I really just wanted to thank them and let them know that I'm alive and safe. If anyone could help that would really mean the world to me."