Travel expert reveals top tips for making your Easter getaway stress free

Holidaymakers have already faced flight cancellations this week with dozens of delays at Heathrow and Gatwick.

Travellers are being advised to plan ahead and avoid the busiest times if possible as the Easter getaway chaos continues.

Holidaymakers have already faced flight cancellations this week with dozens of delays and cancellations at Heathrow and Gatwick.

For people heading to the airports, there is disruption on the London Tube over the entire Easter weekend.

In light of the disruption, travel expert Paul Charles has revealed his top four tips for ensuring a stress-free getaway:

1) Arrive at the airport two hours before your flight

Don't arrive any more than two hours before your flight, as two hours is enough to get through security, and get to your flight in time.

2) Don't overpack your hand luggage

Travellers are urged to arrive at the airport no more than two hours before your flight

Just take the basics, because the more you overfill your hand luggage, the more the security processes and screening processors have to deal with.

That will slow down the queues and mean you'll end up queuing for longer.

3) Pack hand luggage only and don't check in a bag

If you aren't checking in a bag, it means you won't need to wait for your bag to come out at the other end, adding up to two hours to your experience. Check to see if you need to pack as many clothes, and see whether you can purchase some toiletries while you're away to save packing them.

4) Have all your documents ready

Travellers are being advised to have all their documentation to hand

Make sure you have printed off your e-ticket, your proof of Covid vaccination, and any test results that might be needed.

Also ensure you have any necessary visa documentation printed off in a folder, so that you'll have everything to hand and not need to delay your journey to search for what you need.

  • Paul Charles, CEO the PC Agency warns there's likely to be further travel disruption.

Mr Charles added: "It's really exciting that we're seeing these peaks in demand again, as we used to see pre-pandemic.

"It's a good sign that we've come through the pandemic, but it has been the most challenging period for airports and airlines overall.

"They haven't staffed up effectively fast enough, to meet the demand that was there, and sadly we're going to have a few more weeks of difficult long queues and flight cancellations.

"That's not going to disappear overnight, he added.

"For the next few weeks, you can expect some turbulence in terms of your travel, but it is getting better.

"We're getting through the Covid staff shortage issue, and I think there's a much brighter future ahead, but it is going to take a few weeks to get there.