Step inside 'augmented reality' with newest sport - Hado

  • Video report by ITV Meridian's Andy Dickenson

To the casual spectator, Hado may look like children miming a game of dodgeball, but take a peek behind the goggles, and reality itself is challenged in this 'augmented' experience.

Originating in Japan, Hado is a sport so new it doesn't even have a Wikipedia page.

Yet young teams from Hove in Sussex are leading the charge for its recognition.

They triumphed as both UK champions, and at the Insomnia Gaming festival at Birmingham last weekend.

"It is very physical.

"We're tricking the kids, actually," Sasha Loo, Hado trainer, said.

"The parents are all very happy... because with this the kids are getting the screen time they want, as well as the exercise that the parents really want them to have.

"And they do need to be active, and socialising is well."

New players can warm up by competing against virtual robots. Motion sensors in the wrist pads, and targets in the headsets, help create fireballs and shields.

And there's various levels of gameplay.

"You have to have lots of hand-eye coordination and great aim to get the opponents in the battles," player Sky Lee said.

"I like the strategy to it and the parameters you can set, like how you can make your bullets bigger or the bullets faster. It can really affect the game," fellow player Maya Chick added.

These champions will now focus on the European Championships in Spain this autumn, the world championships in Tokyo in December.