Chairman says mosque still working to eradicate hate speech after worshipper called for jihad

  • Chariman of the Brighton Mosque and Muslim Community Centre, Asim Takriti revelas Abubaker Deghayes had many supporters

The man who reported a mosque chairman to police for encouraging terrorism in Brighton says the community is still trying to rid it of all forms of hate speech. Abubaker Deghayes, 53, made a stabbing gesture as he called for jihad 'by sword' following evening prayers at the Brighton Mosque and Muslim Community Centre.

Asim Takriti, the chairman of the mosque, reported Deghayes, to police after being concerned by his speech on 1 November, 2020.

Mr Deghayes, 53, stood up unannounced and addressed around 50 worshippers, including children, as he gesticulated and made the call to jihad.

Today, he was sentenced to four years in prison.

Mr Takriti who has been the chairman of the mosque since 2018, told ITV News Meridian: "There were not only men, but also women and children present, which was a major concern to the mosque management.

During his Old Bailey trial, jurors were played a video of Deghayes' speech at the mosque

"My concern was those kind of speeches could have a negative impact on children's minds, and their future thinking.

"Mr Deghayes ran the mosque for over 20 years, and there can be a culture of these sort of speeches. It was hard to stop him, especially as he had lots of supporters. It wasn't a good situation, until Deghayes was arrested.

"It has improved slightly, but Mr Deghayes supporters are trying to claim the mosque back for them so it's a hassle for us and the authorities, to cleanse the mosque of all forms of hate and commit any form of violence."

The mosque has now taken a number of measures in a bid to protect worshippers, including installing 24 hour CCTV cameras around the building, to ensure any issues are reported to authorities.

"I'm thankful to the authorities for taking swift action- and now he's been sentenced today.

"Our mosque is a peace-loving community, and we do not believe in hate speeches or inciting violence.

"Everybody is a friend."