Police dog tracks down suspected metal thief hiding in Kent car park

PD Biggy helped police track down the suspected thief Credit: Kent Police

A suspected metal thief has been tracked down hiding in a car park by a police dog in Kent.

PD Biggy led officers to the man, after a patrol had followed a suspicious car during the early hours of Tuesday 3 May 2022.

Kent Police initially spotted the Suzuki Grand Vitara travelling along the A20 London Road and the car was tailed to a nearby location where it was found abandoned.

The vehicle contained large quantities of electric cabling suspected to be stolen and which appeared to have been recently cut. Gloves, cutters and a torch were also seized.

PD Biggy tracked the suspect from the abandoned vehicle Credit: Kent Police

PD Biggy tracked the area from the abandoned vehicle and found the man lying face down in a car park off Larkfield Road. The suspect, aged 35 from Larkfield, was arrested on suspicion of theft, going equipped for theft and driving without insurance.

PD Biggy’s handler later tracked down a second suspect, who had been travelling in a separate car and who was located in Wrotham.

The 53-year-old man was also arrested in connection with the alleged theft, as well as for possessing a knife in public after a weapon was seized from the vehicle.

Both men were later released, pending the outcome of further investigation.