Police use drone to find vulnerable woman lost in rough terrain on Gravesend industrial site

A Kent Police drone pilot has helped find a vulnerable woman.

Close to midnight on 30 April 2022, the force’s control room received a call about a lone female who had been seen walking through a Gravesend industrial site before heading across uneven mounds of sand.

The woman was walking towards a river and was in danger of becoming seriously injured, either through falling or inadvertently stepping into the water.

A patrol was dispatched to look for her but the sheer scale of the search site, combined with it being pitch black and the ground being uneven, made it difficult to complete enquiries on the ground.

Assistance was therefore provided by PC Andy Green – an officer usually based in the Roads Policing Unit who is also a qualified drone pilot.

PC Andy Green with the drone Credit: Kent Police

PC Green said: "The drone was of vital importance in safely locating this woman, who was in serious danger of getting hurt.

"We were able to quickly get it in the air and the real time information we were able to relay to officers completing ground searches meant they were able to safely find her."

Using a thermal camera, the drone was quickly able to locate the woman and guide police officers towards her.

She was found in a confused state and it was established she had got lost while trying to get home.

After completing welfare checks, the woman was taken home, safe and uninjured. She had not sustained any injuries.