Sly as a fox: Amazing footage of what they get up to

An elusive fox that hid inside a launderette in Portsmouth for five days has been rescued.

The fox was first spotted in the window of The Laundry Room by passers-by.

Attempts to catch it with food had failed.

The owner thinks it came in through an air vent.

Five days later, the fox was eventually found in a store room.

It was captured unharmed by the RSPCA who safely released it in a nearby church yard.

You'd think after five days in a launderette that fox would be pretty hungry.

So maybe that same fox is responsible for this.

Ken Sim from Horndean in Hampshire set up a camera last night hoping to catch a serial egg thief on his doorstep.

He found the culprit was a rather cunning fox who was ripping open the box and whisking the eggs away.

Well done to Ken for cracking the case!