'Welcome to Luton' prank leaves Gatwick airport arrivals in 'state of panic'

220522-welcome to luton-abbey desmond
Passengers approaching Gatwick were confused when they saw a sign welcoming them to Luton. Credit: @abbdesmond

Passengers flying into Gatwick were in a 'state of panic' when they looked out of their windows to see the words 'Welcome to Luton'.

The large, white lettering was seen in a field near to the Sussex airport, which is around 70 miles away from London Luton Airport.

Abbey Desmond was flying into Gatwick from Cancun and after panicking at first, posted the photo on Twitter to 'give everyone else a laugh'.

She said: "Honestly we were just looking out the window and saw it! We were about to land and in a state of panic until staff confirmed on landing we were actually at Gatwick.

"So I posted it to Twitter to give everyone else a laugh and it has blown up with everyone blaming RAF Luton [a parody account of the airbase]."

Abbey's tweet has already had more than 20,000 likes and more than one thousand retweets.

The 'Welcome to Luton' prank has been claimed by Youtuber Max Fosh, who has more than 924,000 subscribers to his channel.