Car driving 60mph with two unsecured sofas hanging out pulled over by police on M20 in Kent

Kent Police Specials posted the images on Twitter after pulling the driver over. Credit: @KentSpecials

Perplexed police officers in Kent have reported a driver after they were spotted driving on a motorway with not one but two sofas hanging out of the their car.

Officers reported that the car was driving along the M20, near junction 11, in Kent on Thursday 19th May, with the driver's car 'exactly like you see in the photos'.

At the time the car was spotted, it was hurtling along at around 60mph.

A single seater sofa hangs unsecured from the side of the car. Credit: @KentSpecials

Under closer inspection, officers found all that stopping the double sofa from tumbling out of the vehicle were just two bungee cords.

They were loosely held in place. The single seater sofa which officers said was 'literally hanging out of the side door' was completely unsecured.

The driver's actions put other road users at risk and was issued with a traffic offence report for using a vehicle in a dangerous manner.