'Pack adequate supplies' warns Port of Dover ahead of 'very busy' half-term week

Freight and holiday traffic queues at the Port of Dover on Friday 27 May. Credit: PA

Long queues have built up at the Port of Dover this morning, Friday 27 May, as thousands attempt to get away to the continent for the half-term break.

3 hour long queues have built up, with the combination of the half-term break and Liverpool FC supporters travelling to the Champions League final thought to be to blame.

Thousands of Liverpool fans are making their way to the Stade de France in Paris for the Champions League final against long-time rivals Real Madrid, adding pressure to an already busy weekend. Travellers described the situation as a 'shambles' saying that there was 'no organisation whatsoever'.

Some supporters have even been pictured playing football as they wait in the traffic.

Liam Devlin, who was among those queuing in the port, wrote on Twitter: “Absolute chaos at the Port of Dover.

“Taking around three hours to get through to the gates to even board any ferry, double the amount of time they advise.

“No organisation whatsoever. Shambles.”

Young Liverpool supporters play football during freight and holiday traffic queues at the Port of Dover. Credit: PA

Suleman Qureshi posted: “The queues at dover are ridiculous as expected. The reds have taken over!”

Another fan wrote: “Three hours in a queue at Dover after driving down on no sleep is comparable to the pain of childbirth. Glad we’re a day early.”

The Port is urging passengers to 'pack adequate supplies including food and water' as it is expecting 'a very busy week ahead'.

Ferry operators have all said that motorists should only turn up with a valid booking, as there is extremely limited capacity and sailings are full.

Freight and holiday traffic queues at the Port of Dover. Credit: PA

Ferry firm Irish Ferries warned customers to “expect delays of up to three hours at port security and check-in”.

P&O Ferries wrote that traffic on Jubilee Way, a key road used to access the port, is “at a standstill” and there are “also queues on the A20 on the approach to Dover”.

It added: “Traffic is expected to remain heavy today.”

Passengers who miss their sailing will be allowed to travel on the next available service.

Another operator, DFDS, wrote on Twitter: “We are aware of our lovely customers queuing in the port. We’ll accommodate you on the next available departure.”

Meanwhile, the RAC issued a warning over congestion on motorways and major A roads as an estimated 17.9 million leisure trips by road will be made between Friday and Sunday, with Saturday the busiest day.

Spokesman Rod Dennis said: “Major routes to holiday destinations will start to clog up”.

He added: “Drivers can beat the worst of the queues by planning the time of their trips carefully.

“An early start is always best or, failing that, driving at dusk if that’s a feasible option.”