'Udderly unbelievable' - cows moo'ved on after wandering into Godalming railway station

The cows were spotted at Godalming on Friday morning. Credit: South Western Railway

Commuters were given a bit of a shock on Friday, after a herd of cows tried to hop on a train to London Waterloo.

The unsuspecting fare-evaders casually made their way into Godalming station and waited for a service at around 7am this morning.

Unfortunately for them, they caused wide scale disruption by waiting patiently on the tracks, meaning all services had to be suspended whilst they were 'moo'ved' to safety.

Their actions caused 3 hours worth of disruption on South Western Railway (SWR) services between Portsmouth and London.

Luckily, they were safely moved off the tracks, where they caused 'no beef' and cooperated with staff, according to SWR.

The operator tweeted:

"We know it's 'Udderly' unbelievable but here are the cows that blocked the railway lines at Godalming this morning.

"Luckily they had no 'beef' with us and we soon 'moo'ved them on their way.

"We are sorry for the disruption this caused to your journey this morning."