Rave reception for drum'n'bass DJ on a bike as he returns to Brighton

  • Video report by ITV Meridian's Andy Dickenson

For many musicians lockdown had a devastating effect, with a lack of income, performance spaces, and audiences.

But one DJ has decided to buck that trend by taking to the streets on a purpose-built bicycle.

Dom Whiting has returned to the cycle lanes of Brighton, where he was followed by hoards of fans dancing on the pedals, and pebbles.

"Even coming out of lockdown, the project's doing great," Dom said.

"And hopefully it'll keep going in the same direction."

With more than half a million followers on social media, his original set in Brighton has already been watched half a million times.

He's since played, while riding his bike as close to home as Southampton, Margate and Bournemouth, as well as to huge crowds recently in Berlin.

The project's been welcomed by Hove drum'n'bass DJ Pete Chapmen, aka Erb'n'Dub, who not only released his latest single last week - but is also offering video tutorials of how his music is made.

"It's kind of like you've re-evaluated your original job, which was playing in clubs, festivals, making music," he said.

"You're keeping that going, but adding extra things to it, like online classes and stuff like that.

"So it's actually been kind of be beneficial in a way."