Ukrainian students offered scholarships at top Sussex school

  • ITV Meridian's Charlotte Wilkins reports from Brighton College

A group of 18 Ukrainian refugees have been offered scholarships at a top Sussex school.

The students, aged between 5 and 17 are now settling in to life at Brighton College after fleeing their country following the Russian invasion.

The prestigious school on Eastern Road charges £40,000 a year for students. 18 students have been offered full scholarships so they can continue their studies.

Head of the senior school, Steve Marshall-Taylor said, "It's wonderful that they are safe and they are making a new start here, a privilege for us.

"They are still dealing with the reality of the war going on there."

  • Some of the students describe how they are feeling about studying in Brighton

Vlad, Anna, Grisha and Rosty are just some of the 18 young people who have been offered scholarships.

Asked if they found the experience daunting, the group described feeling safe here and delighted to be able to continue studying.

They've spent the last 8 weeks making new friends and getting to grips with a new curriculum.

Brighton College has already raised thousands for the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian appeal.

Brighton College has already raised thousands of pounds for the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian appeal.

Speaking of the school's fundraising efforts, Headmaster Richard Cairns, said “Pupils of all ages have been fundraising for the DEC and also writing to politicians from the outset urging them to do more, something that seems to be bearing fruit.

“Parents also have been wonderfully engaged, dozens signing up to accommodate refugees as best they can.”