Have Platinum Jubilee postbox toppers appeared on your road?

  • Abigail Bracken has been looking at the postbox toppers around the region

Colourful postbox toppers have been popping up across the South East, ahead of Jubilee celebrations.

The woolly creations honouring the Queen have been entertaining locals who are unsure about who is doing them.

A miniature version of Her Majesty, accompanied by a corgi and beefeater can be found in Becton Lane in Barton-on-Sea, Hampshire.

The knitted Queen is wearing a light blue dress, with matching coat and hat, alongside pearl earrings, necklace and a handbag.

The knitted Queen, corgi and beefeater can be found in Barton-on-Sea in New Milton Credit: Lisa Williams

Nearby on the clifftop, a large knitted crown with pink, blue and silver jewels can be seen glinting in the sun.

Passersby have been frequently stopping to take videos and photos, commenting on the fun additions to the postboxes.

A slightly smaller crown, with the colours of the Union Jack adorns another postbox in Old Milton.

Some people in the market town have taken to social media to remark about the postbox toppers, with some wondering who is responsible for the artwork.

Sharon Noble said: "Whoever you are, thank you. It's almost like they pop up in the middle of the night. I actually look on the calendar for dates that would qualify for a post box make over."

In Wantage in Oxfordshire, a very impressive knitted bust of the Queen has been spotted by residents.

The knitted grey figure is wearing a fluffy purple robe, with a black and white outline. A very intricate crown, with matching jewels sits on top of the royal's head, who's hair is made of yarn.

To complete the regal look, the figure of the Queen is wearing diamond earrings and a necklace.

The knitted Queen can be seen in Wantage wearing a very intricate crown and robe