Victorian steam train gets modern makeover to celebrate Queen's Jubilee

  • ITV Meridian's Joe Coshan reports from Tenterden

A newly restored Victoria steam engine will be back in service in Kent this weekend as part of special celebrations for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

At 150 years old, the Terrier locomotive has been given a £150,000 overhaul and will be in service at the railway's Best of British Jubilee event.

Following her restoration, the Poplar will run her first public service on Thursday 2 June.

The Poplar was first built in 1872.

Chairman of the Terrier Trust Tom White said, "It's the culmination of a project to return the engine to steam in its 150th year.

"We've raised £150,000 to fund the overhaul of this engine, and we are just so delighted to have it back.

It's got the same livery as it did in 1872, and it's been very difficult to paint - we've had people painting it for three weeks to get it finished.

"The name itself is hand-painted. None of this is digital or stick-on, it's all done with a paintbrush.

"It's all a genuine Victorian experience."

  • Chairman of the Terrier Trust, Tom White

"Apart from the safety valve to let the steam off, if the boiler pressure gets a bit too high, there is nothing else automatic about it, it's all operated by people, by hand., Mr White added.

"All the things you would expect on a modern experience - it's different here. And when people come along and see it, they get the real feel of the Victorian age."

Sarah Sutherland-Favell took her son Charlie to experience the steam railway as his grandad was working as the train guard.

"It's been a lovely day out."

  • Visitor Sarah Sutherland-Favell and son Charlie

Built in 1872, no. 70 was one of the first batch of Terriers to enter service and like others of the type was named after areas served by the railway.

Between 1947 and 1954 she was thoroughly overhauled at Brighton and painted in dark green, a livery she carried until the line closed to passengers in 1954.

The service was used for goods until 1963, before being saved for preservation.

On Thursday 2 June, Poplar will depart Tenterden Town Station for Bodiam at 11:45am, arriving back at 1:40pm.