Jubilee collage fit for a Queen on display and up for grabs

  • Video report by Andy Dickenson

A pop-art portrait of the Queen in tribute to her 70-year reign has been unveiled in Sussex.

Artist Malgorzata Nierobisz kindly gave permission for her stunning original to be recreated by fundraisers - each producing one of 70 segments in aid of local hospices.

It's now gone on display at St Bartholomew's Church in Cross-in-Hand.

"Everybody wants to celebrate the Jubilee, surely," Maggie Thurgood, of Friends of Sussex Hospices, said.

"I am a monarchist, and I think she's been hugely beneficial to our country and is much better than politicians, really. I'm excited about it. I think it's lovely. I'm also relieved because it could have been awful."

"I think she'd be pleased with it, actually. I think she'd be delighted," Cathy Gore, of Friends of Sussex Hospices, added.

"I've members of the congregation who are quite robust republicans and they're really very pleased and overjoyed to see this kind of project - because it's doing so much good for people who need it in Sussex," Rev George Pitcher said.

"And of course we as a church consider that a witness to the living Christ in our community."

The project has already raised £1,200 for 13 different Sussex hospices, the painting itself to be auctioned over the course of its exhibition.