Some of the most well-trained horses in the UK prepare for new show

John Ryall reports on a new horse show in Kent

Horse lovers will be able to enjoy a new show with some of the most well-trained horses the UK and they'll also get a chance to see how the production is made.

'The Horse of Spain' is being produced in theatre space near Gravesend. It's inspired by the history of dressage and the Spanish horse and is believed to be the first show of its kind in England.

The cast is made up of 15 horses and riders.

The founder Peter Maddison-Greenwell hopes to show the audience the beauty of dressage.

The horses of some of the most well-trained in the UK Credit: ITV NEWS MERIDIAN

Emma Nuttall, who runs White Horse Farm where the event is taking place says, "We've put a show together with classical riding, suits of armour, horseback combat - and dancing horses.''

The production hits the stage from September through to January 2023. But horse enthusiasts can witness the training and choreographing in two special preview events in June.

Peter Maddison-Greenwell, the writer of the show told us, 'The whole show has come out of my passion for the history of dressage, from the use of horses in battle to now when it is a competition or an art."

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