Tens of thousands gather for Jubilee picnic in Windsor Great Park

  • WATCH: Our reporter Mike Pearse reports on Jubilee celebrations at Windsor.

Tens of thousands of people gathered in Windsor Great Park for a Jubilee picnic on Saturday, June 4

The royal town has been a focal point for the Jubilee celebrations, with the picnic taking place in the shadow of Windsor Castle at the long walk.

Plenty of entertainment was on display at the park, including music and vintage cars from the last 70 years.

ITV Meridian spoke to visitors to find out why they made the journey to Windsor.

One said: "We haven't done any of the other events so we thought we would drive up today so it's good fun."

Another visitor said: "It is nice to be out and glad to see the weather is not spoiling anything so that's good anyway."

Some people arrived in costume.

One visitor came from Cameroon, and wanted to be here because the country is part of the Commonwealth.

Another person who attended the picnic called it "brilliant."

"Everyone's so nice, everyone's got their decorations, we've all got our hats, it's just lovely."

Bob Morrison, from Windsor & Eton Brewery, said: "People turn out for royal occasions in Windsor almost whatever the weather."

"And I think they saw the weather, they brought their macs and umbrellas, but they also brought their sunglasses. And I think that sort of sums up the spirit."

The event in Windsor was just one of many celebrations in the Thames Valley and south.

In Mortimer, near Reading, hundreds of people lined the streets to watch a procession with vintage cars and marching bands.

Celebrations are expected to continue into the night with another day of festivities across the south on Sunday (June 5).