Family stranded in Canaries take boat to different island to get flight home

The family were enjoying their half-term holiday before their flight home was cancelled

A couple stranded in the Canaries with their three children ended up moving island after their flight home was cancelled at the last minute.

Jenny O'Hara and Tom Nowell, along with Elliott, 11, Harrison, nine, and Rupert, eight, had enjoyed a five-night half-term holiday in Fuerteventura on a package holiday with Tui.

But when they got to the airport on Saturday 4 June, the family from Crowborough, east Sussex, learned their easyJet flight was not going ahead.

Jenny said: "It is very easy for people to say: 'What are you moaning about? You are in a hot country and you've had an extra bit of holiday.

Jenny and Tom are praying their next flight is not cancelled

"But you mentally prepare yourself to go home. We are all wearing clothes that were packed and dirty and the kids want to get back to their normal routine. They are unsettled now.

"We have got jobs to get back to and my eldest has got football awards on Friday evening which he was devastated to think he was going to miss."

She added: "The kids are saying: 'Mummy, where are we going to sleep tonight? Daddy, where are we going? And we just say we don't know."

After the cancellation, the family were sent to a hotel for one night but the next day had to look for new accommodation.

WATCH: Jenny and Tom spoke to ITV News Meridian

They then took a boat to Lanzarote after finding a flight home from there that leaves on Wednesday 8 June.

Project manager Jenny said: "Nobody has helped us. Nobody has helped us find somewhere to stay or manage our costs. EasyJet said 'talk to Tui' and Tui said 'talk to easyJet'.

Marketing manager Tom said: "The fear and uncertainty are hard. We've been trying to keep costs down in case we don't get the money back. Those credit cards will only go so far."

EasyJet said today: "We are very sorry that flight EZY8538 from Fuerteventura to London Gatwick on 4 June was cancelled.

"We notified customers directly of their options to rebook or receive a refund and offered to provide hotel accommodation and meals where required.

"Nonetheless we fully understand the disruption this will have caused to their plans and we are very sorry for this.

"Our team have reached out to Mr Nowell and Ms O'Hara to apologise to apologise for their experience and ensure their wellbeing. We will also be reimbursing them for expenses incurred as a result of the cancellation."